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Kooi Racing Club Malaysia

Its Invitation caling out to all Car Accessories/Motor Sports/Performance Parts/Motor Car Club/Associations/Custom Car Owners & Tuners/Car Magazines/Car Body-kit/Custom Fiber and Modification/Sports Rims/Tires and Others .

BMW 5-Series (new)

So there you have it –– no matter if you want a sumptuous brand new model or a depreciation-beating used car, there'’s a 5-Series to suit all budgets. Last year, the latest model suffered the embarrassment of being less satisfying to own than its predecessor, but it’s now jumped from 10th to fifth place to regain its pride. You love the way your BMW accelerates and stops, and find it a breeze to drive. Reliability could be better, but overall the message is clear the 5 is the executive car to have.

Tsukuba Circuit - 1.01.55!

AVO returned to Tsukuba Circuit for another crack at the track. We'd tuned out the car better this time, turning up boost to 22psi, and reached well over 500hp at the crank - with the stock air flow meter! More than just power has been going into this car since the last Hypermeet, as we also got some S tyres on it finally, and have been working on the suspension to get it better sorted out. Yet even with the S tyres, we were still having some problems....
With traction! Even as sticky as those tyres were, even the pro driver was having problems getting all that power down to the ground at the track. He kept laying down the strips out of every corner. The suspension got a work-over as well. In fact, between the added power and over 500 ft/lbs of torque, the bottom ends of the coilovers were getting twisted all over!
At the end of the day, we hit a 1.01.55 second time around Tsukuba, 2 seconds faster than the Hypermeet time. And it wasn't even breathing hard! By the time the next Hypermeet comes, we are looking to hit a 59 second time. Or better. Kooi Home

STI Twinscroll Turbo Kit!

Now Available!
A brand new GDB STI Impreza Spec C twinscroll turbocharger with necessary parts to bolt it up to your American spec STI, WRX, Forester XT, Legacy GT or Outback XT. This kit contains all that is necessary for an 2.5-liter STI, WRX, or Forester XT. 2.0-liter WRX will need an oil pan. 2.5-liter turbocharged Legacy GT and Outback XT will need a modification to the front pipe. Please note that in your order if you do own a Legacy GT or Outback XT.